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Dog Bite Attorney in Clearwater, FL

Dog injuries aren’t just physically painful; they can be psychologically and financially harmful as well. A local dog bite attorney can get you compensation for any physical, financial, and emotional distress caused by the attack and/or negligence of the dog owner. Contrary to popular belief, a dog is always the responsibility of its owner under Florida law. If someone’s dog has bitten you, the owner has an obligation to make it right, regardless of the animal’s history or owner’s knowledge of that history. Even if the owner is an acquaintance, friend, or family member, don’t be afraid to seek legal counsel from a dog bite attorney. We can help them use the insurance they pay for to cover the damage their dog has done.

Leave the legalities to us, so you can focus on getting better. Your insurance company may have the goal of paying as little as possible. Our experienced firm members want just the opposite: we get you as much as we can. We’re here to relieve your financial burden, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis. You don’t pay us a dime unless your case is won or settled.


The Severity of Dog Bites: Why a Local Dog Bite Attorney Can Make a Difference

Although many dogs are loyal and loveable friends and family members, they represent the highest number of domestic animal attacks in the nation. Dog bites injure thousands and kill hundreds every year. Although not every bite is critical, they can cause pain that lasts a long time. We believe you should be compensated for that pain, and that’s why we want to use our legal expertise to advocate for you.

While a dog bite is terrible for everyone involved, the good news is that very few of these cases go to trial. Most of the time a dog bite attorney will simply make sure the dog owner’s insurance pays for any medical or other expenses resulting from the bite. The other good news is that the dog may not need to be euthanized. Animal Control will conduct an investigation to determine whether this is needed and if the dog is dangerous. There are other, humane methods of keeping the dog and the people around it safe. Our team of dog bite attorneys help create a safer environment for dogs, their owners, and the people around them.

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